• Unleashing the Tongue Tiger at Fire Flour & Fork


    This past weekend, we exhibited our hot topping Crunch Dynasty at the Fire, Four & Fork event in Richmond. As a part of the booth experience, our team, led by designer Yanci Wu from Release The Hounds, created a game featuring our brand mascot, the Tongue Tiger. When an attendee visited the booth, they were prompted to pull a tiny “taste bud” from the giant tongue for a chance to win a variety of prizes including free packs and discounts. Each taste bud scroll, when unravelled, contained a message like, “The gods of spice smile upon you. 1 FREE pack” or “1000 apologies. You are no winner today, but big big winner in life.”


    The attraction really helped draw people to our booth and was a fun conversation starter. Stay tuned as we continue to create more Crunch Dynasty content to bring the People’s Republic of Flavor to life.

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