A Family Passion

Founder John Mills met his wife, Anya, in New York City in the summer of 1998. Before meeting, John's idea of fine food was beef jerky and corn dogs. Luckily, Anya and her family introduced him to some of the finest meals in the City. Anya’s mother is also an extraordinary chef, and John got to experience authentic Chinese cooking for the first time. 

At every home cooked meal, there was always a bowl with a gracious amount of crunchy, hot deliciousness that is now known as Crunch Dynasty. From his first taste, John was fascinated by the unique blend of exotic Asian flavors and balanced heat. 

For years, John attempted to recreate the recipe but was unsuccessful in fully capturing the intoxicating essence of the topping. Seeing that he was truly committed to understanding the origin and complex creation of Crunch Dynasty, his mother-in-law finally taught him how to make it 10 years later.

After countless hours in the kitchen and many failed batches, John finally learned how to recreate the recipe at a level that satisfied his mother-in-law's extremely tough standards. In 2010, they started making large batches and sharing it with family and friends. The response was overwhelmingly positive. So, in 2012, they decided to take it to market. 

We are pleased to share this ancient delicacy with you and hope it brings you much joy.

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