Is it normal to be a little nervous to use Crunch Dynasty?
Yes. Your taste buds are about to be the center of a culinary uprising in your mouth. They will likely punish you for years to come for not seducing them with this exotic delicacy sooner.
How do I use Crunch Dynasty?
Put it on your favorite dishes like you would a hot sauce or use it as an ingredient in constructing a delicious recipe.
How is Crunch Dynasty different than other spices?
Simple, my friend. Crunch Dynasty is not a spice. It's a handmade hot topping that's cooked over various heat cycles to bring out the unique texture and flavor profile. Our exotic blend of garlic, shallots, soy sauce, sesame seeds, hot peppers and special seasonings and oils will change the way you experience food.
How is Crunch Dynasty made?
We could tell you, but we'd have to use you as a target for throwing star practice. The army of ninjas who guard the Crunch fortress are very serious about protecting the secret recipe.
How long is Crunch Dynasty "good" after it's opened?
We pack Crunch Dynasty in a resealable foil pack, so that it will stay fresh for a few months after it’s opened.  
Do I put it in the refrigerator?
Never. Do not put it in the refrigerator. If you do, it will lose its crunch. It’s best to carry it with you at all times, so a most delicious mouth party is always within reach.
Can I purchase it wholesale for my store (s)?
Anyone interested in helping spread Crunch Dynasty to the world should be celebrated and regarded as a virtuous deity. Please contact us at info@crunchdynasty.com to discuss.
Can I purchase it wholesale for my restaurant?
Yes. Chefs use it as a topping on their dishes and as an ingredient in soups, sausage, sauces and more. Please contact info@crunchdynasty.com for details.
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